Our mission is to be soldiers dedicated in a focused and organized manner to clients and to work for their comfort.

In its mission, Clicon Store is based on Three principles:

First: Focusing on the interests and requirements of customers and working to provide everything they want instead of focusing on competitors.

Second: The permanent focus on innovation and commitment to operational excellence from competitors and continuous innovation, and this is our belief that customers always care about their comfort.


Third: Facilitate shopping for customers, work for your convenience and provide them with all needs in the simplest way, and work on diversity in the presence of products to suit all tastes.


Our Policy:


We are committed to always providing you with a safe, easy and fair market for our buyers, so we do our best to provide you with a service that suits you. To support this commitment, we have put in place some rules and policies under which we achieve fair judgment for buyers, and also put in place some measures that we will take to keep you safe.

By following these policies, you will help us maintain a safe environment for everyone, and some of our rules reflect our experience in how best to protect everyone who uses Clicon Store services.

In this section you will find all information about items that can or cannot be sold, as well as guides for creating and maintaining lists.


We will mention the most important information about our terms of use and how we keep the information we take from you secure.


1- Member behavior policies: meaning that when you buy from the Clicon Store site, we expect that you will be treated in a very diligent manner and that your information will be taken with the utmost accuracy, so we expect that you will give other members the same courtesy.


2- Clicon Store money-back guarantee policy: meaning that when you buy on Clicon Store, in most cases, we guarantee you a refund of the item or your money.


3- False and false reports on policy violations: We deal firmly with false reports of policy violations.


4- Identity Policies: Clicon Store is committed to protecting the identity of all our members, which makes us a safe and reliable marketplace.



5- Payment Policies: There are different payment methods depending on your preference, and you can also find help on what to do if something goes wrong.